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Vonnie’s Charters @ Halibut Point Lodge is a saucy Sitka, Alaska accommodation with a fishing purpose. We offer a full fishing package. This includes transportation to and from the airport and dock, as well as full fishing days on the water, gear, tackle, and bait. A continental breakfast is offered in the morning before being driven down to the boats. Snacks, beverages, and a customized lunch are provided on the boat.

After successful days on the water, we will have your fish processed and vacuumed sealed — ready to travel back home with you at no extra charge.


“Vonnie’s Charters offers a one-of-a-kind service that features a more personalized experience than typically found with other charters. You will feel like FAMILY, not a client.” – Shane Brazier.

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This is one of the best places to stay in Sitka! I love staying there!

Eric Swanson

Vonnies was my first experience with fishing in Alaska. It could not have been a better trip. Vonnie and Dave were perfect hosts. The meals they served were unbelievable. The relaxed atmosphere was the perfect setting for a great fishing trip. Brought back 90lbs of filets and am still enjoying my catch.

Joseph Alameida

Joseph Alameida

I visited vonnies this year with Freedom Alliance. Everyone that had anything to do its vonnies were the greatest people. Treated us like 10 million dollar men.  Sitka, Alaska is one of the most friendliest cities I have ever been to. God Bless you all.

Deane Messex

Deane Messex